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Do you want to blog for Chez Roulez? We seek interior designers, decorators and others with taste, knowledge and style to share ideas with our site readers.

As a Chez Roulez blogger you can enhance your status as an influencer in the home decor and design industry. You will be able to write as desired about Chez Roulez products. You can create collections based upon your own creativity and expertise. You also will be able to make recommendations for Chez Roulez shoppers wanting to enhance their own passionate living space.

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Please provide us with brief information about yourself. Enable us to review your writing skill by providing a sample piece in the detail form field below. Or, direct us to a specific web page or social media site where you have engaged others as a writer/blogger.

If you are selected to blog for Chez Roulez, we will provide you with specific incentives such as a shopping discount, your own writer’s information page and other incentives on a case-by-case basis.

In your contact details, show us your style, personality and desire to write for Chez Roulez. Tell us what you can so we can get to know you.

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