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Chez Roulez, Roulez Magazine and everything Roulez Media are born of our zeal for everyday life. What we sell, write about and pursue as part of daily business all comes down to what we believe exemplifies the value of an enriched life, encourages a certain brightness and warms the hearts and homes of our customers.

Roulez founder C. Kimberly Toms was starting the brand family when a shadow was cast over her life, one of violence, destruction and chaos. Her aggressor was a highly empowered person within the highest law enforcement organization in the world. After committing initial crimes against her, he became determined to hurt her both professionally and personally. He set out to destroy what she was building under Roulez, just as he set out to destroy her.

Instead of giving up on her dreams, Kimberly worked harder to survive and start building what she had intended, while every bit of her personal happiness and freedom were pulled from her life. Kimberly’s story is the subject of a full-length feature documentary coming to film festivals and theatres in 2019, Escaping Fed.

Escaping Fed | Official Film Trailer

A Fresh Start for All through Chez Roulez

C. Kimberly Toms | Founder | Chez Roulez
C. Kimberly Toms | Founder | Chez Roulez

Today, Roulez is a journey to healing and rediscovery of what makes daily life bright, worthwhile and beautiful. It has been a slow journey, slower than most. But it is a cherished one, valuable and symbolic in its stakehold for what we all consider most precious in our lives, as free people under the most personally empowering flag in the world.

Kimberly is just now emerging from several years lived in “hiding,” one where anonymity and the cloak of secrecy shadowed over every aspect of daily living. This is harder than it sounds, as victims of some types of crimes tend to go deeper into their own space, leaving their prior “bliss” behind. Kimberly is doing the opposite, making her second chance brighter, more vibrant and fully resonating than ever before.

As St. Francis of Assisi said, “All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish the light of a single candle.”

Kimberly’s passions are color, creativity, light, warmth, sunshine, the outdoors and creature comforts. Small things matter to her, just as they do to many Roulez brand followers. Chez Roulez is a place where single items of color and quality can bring cheer at home or in the office each day, as hand selected by customers to suit their own whims.

Why pillows to start?

Kimberly started with a line of custom cut and sewn pillows as foundational items in Chez Roulez. There are now over 4000 styles and sizes to choose from for indoor and outdoor comfort and bliss. Chez Roulez offers an immense variety of styles with each pillow crafted to the customer order.

Pillows were favored due to the mill’s quality and diverse selection. But more importantly, Kimberly chose these items because so much can be changed and brightened in a room through a simple addition or switch of a few pillows. So back to pillows she went, to bring comfort and color back into her life, just as she knows they will do the same for customers of Chez Roulez. Added to these items are eye-catching creature comforts of all kinds for home and office.

To Our Customers

Throw Pillows of Chez Roulez | Chez Roulez | ChezRoulez.comTo customers of Chez Roulez, thank you for all you have done as we have started – again – building momentum. You play an integral role in this story that is yet unfinished. Meanwhile, with every pillow, vase, bookend and furnishing sold, you are leaving an indelible mark in the story of Roulez.

In French, “Chez” (shay) means “the house of.”  Roulez (roo-lay) means “we roll.”  Chez Roulez is the house of rolling forward, going toward that which makes each of us embrace our lives. Together, we all roll forward in a positive direction, whether one needs a bit of rehabbing, renewal or just hopeful relaxation.

Inspiring things motivate you to go forward in positive directions. Live your life fully and seize each day. Make your journey your own. Ensure you have a few things in your space that make you feel blissful each time you see them. Life is fragile and fleeting, but brilliant while it lasts…even made more brilliant with a second chance, a splash of color and a comfy spot to relax.

Chez Roulez is pleased to know you and have you as a customer.

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Laissez les bon temps ROULEZ!