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In Chez Roulez, the editors of Roulez Magazine present their favorite indulgences for inspired living. Chez Roulez features products from well-known and admired brands alongside smaller producers of quality. We integrate specially curated items from artisans, craftspeople and made-to-order manufacturers as we discover them through travels for Roulez Magazine. Everything we sell is of interior designer quality.

Chez Roulez is a Roulez Media brand. Sister companies include Roulez Magazine, Roulez Home (2019) and Roulez Style (2019). Roulez Media includes film production and a digital marketing agency with several other eCommerce ventures. The Roulez brand family was founded by C.Kimberly Toms, a 20+ year veteran of digital marketing, media, public relations and eCommerce.

Chez Roulez, Roulez Magazine and everything Roulez Media are born through our own inspirations as part of well-lived life journey. What we sell, write about and pursue as part of daily business all come down to what we believe depicts inspiration, encourages a certain brightness and warms the hearts and homes of our customers.

Memories Reignited through Your Chez Roulez Finds

About Chez Roulez | Kimberly Toms | ChezRoulez.comIn the pages of the magazine and accompanying brand sites, we editorialize destinations, products and hospitable service providers from picturesque regions. Each of these regions has its own je ne sais quoi, so we help you emulate that local flair for living through curated items. Our biggest desire is to help you bring your favorite travel destinations, sumptuous comforts and impassioned memories into your home, to inspire you forward in your life journey.

Live your most inspired life every day.


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Laissez les bon temps ROULEZ!

Laissez les bon temps ROULEZ!