We could be super scientific and go into how animals are multicellular organisms classified in the kingdom Animalia. But that’s boring and let’s be real: Animals are fun, cute, furry, scary, smart, silly…they’re just darn fun to watch, read about and observe.

Who Doesn’t Love Animals?

Animals | Chez RoulezEven the word “animal” comes from a Latin word meaning “having breath and a soul and living.” Maybe that is what we like so much about them, that they are so much like us, yet so different. They are sort of our soul sisters and brothers, with thoughts and ideas all their own.

Animals in Chez Roulez’ menagerie include just about every kind you can think of, or at least the ones most people enjoy thinking about. We have feathered ones, those with fins, four legged creatures, snarly toothy ones and some that look and act a lot like us. After all, we are animals too!

If you or someone you love enjoy having animals around your home or office and you don’t want to spend time cleaning up after them, this selection will be right for you. Chez Roulez has textiles, sculptural objects, lamps, furnishings and much more with your favorite animal attributes. So dig into the collection, explore the website some more and find the animals you love most. They will grace your interior design without leaving crumbs, stains or smells…we promise.

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