Bugs & Butterflies

Upon seeing insects and other “bugs” in nature, many of us squeal, turn tail and run. Others swat them away, hoping to not be stung. Then there are those – possibly even you – who love what these small creatures bring to the earth, adding diversity while playing a significant role in our natural environment.

Bugs, Butterflies and Other Insects Make the World a Beautiful Place

Grasshoppers, butterflies, spiders, bumblebees and other insects add so much color, beauty and flavor to our world. They deserve honor and prestige in our homes, even if we won’t let the real thing through the door. After all, what would the world be(e) without honey, butterfly wings, flowers, trees…or anything green growing around us? We need bugs. They just don’t need us. We are the actual invaders, if you really think about it. Spiders are actually your true friend, keeping flies, beetles and other critters from taking over your living space.

Bugs & Butterflies Collection | Passionate Things | Chez RoulezEven renowned English poet William Blake wrote about insects. His poem, “The Fly” is simple and melodic:

“Little Fly, thy summer’s play, my thoughtless hand has brush’d away.
Am not I a fly like thee? Or art not thou a man like me?
For I dance and drink and sing; Till some blind hand shall brush my wing.
If thought is life and strength and breath; And the want of thought is death;
Then am I a happy fly, if I live, or if I die.”

Whatever your bug fancy, you are bound to find something in Chez Roulez’ Passion Collection full of eight-legged, winged critters. Just like they grace our world with beauty for the eye to see, these bugs, butterflies and other insects can add beauty and style to your home or office.

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