Game Play & Amusements

While browsing our Game Play & Amusements Collection, consider how before video games and the internet life was so much simpler. Game play meant sitting down with a friend or family member to play chess, dominoes, board games, cards or even jacks. Sadly, such amusement is a dying means of entertainment.

Game Play and Amusements Have Long Been Important Parts of Culture and History

Game Play & Amusements Collection | Passionate Things | Chez RoulezGame play and amusements have always existed alongside Man. All cultures have had their own games used to explore and expand human interaction. Games help us explore our imagination through actual physical activity, just as amusements tickle our funny bone and allow us to pull our guards down and relax.

The most popular game play features include intrigue, mystery, structured rules, competition, dedication of time, chance, fiction, goals and/or…most importantly, pleasure. To many cultures games played important roles in daily life, such as toward teaching, social bonding and to indicate social status. Royalty and the elite played many games at parties as these pastimes and amusements showed that wealth and power provide more time for leisure. In royal courts, games have long been treasured gifts.

These playful pieces of Chez Roulez’ Game Play & Amusements Collection evoke memories of those days gone by, a bit of the gambling spirit and even time spent at the carnival. Amuse yourself by browsing and give yourself or someone you love the gift of leisurely spirit.

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