Wild or domestic, cats are intriguing creatures. Directed by only their own moods and motivations, cats make loving companions – as long as you love them on their terms.

Why do we love cats so very much?

Always playful regardless of age, these are funny creatures. Yet ferocious hunters, a cat can keep perceived predators at bay with just a swipe of a paw.

Cats Collection | Passionate Things | Chez RoulezMaybe Emily Dickinson sums up cats best in her poem “She sights a Bird – She chuckles:”

“She sights a Bird—she chuckles—
She flattens—then she crawls—
She runs without the look of feet—
Her eyes increase to Balls—

Her Jaws stir—twitching—hungry—
Her Teeth can hardly stand—
She leaps, but Robin leaped the first—
Ah, Pussy, of the Sand,

The Hopes so juicy ripening—
You almost bathed your Tongue—
When Bliss disclosed a hundred Toes—
And fled with every one—”

For the cat lover, we feature some pieces depicting varied moods and moments of a cat’s life in Chez Roulez’ Cats Collection.

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