Truly “man’s best friend,” dogs provide companionship and solace unlike any other animal.

Dogs Keep Us Safe, Relaxed and Happy

The loyalty of a well cared for canine is undying. On the human side of the relationship, the instant relief a dog can provide its owner at the end of a hard work day has been proven both relaxing and good for the heart. Dogs connect with their owners deeply, just as we connect with them.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning wrote one of the most well-known and treasured poems about dogs. Entitled “To Flush, My Dog,” a snippet of it is below:


Dogs Collection | Passionate Things | Chez Roulez“…Underneath my stroking hand,
Startled eyes of hazel bland
Kindling, growing larger, —
Up thou leapest with a spring,
Full of prank and curvetting,
Leaping like a charger.

Leap ! thy broad tail waves a light ;
Leap ! thy slender feet are bright,
Canopied in fringes.
Leap — those tasselled ears of thine
Flicker strangely, fair and fine,
Down their golden inches

Yet, my pretty sportive friend,
Little is ‘t to such an end
That I praise thy rareness !
Other dogs may be thy peers
Haply in these drooping ears,
And this glossy fairness.

But of thee it shall be said,
This dog watched beside a bed
Day and night unweary, —
Watched within a curtained room,
Where no sunbeam brake the gloom
Round the sick and dreary.”


Whether your preferred breed is playful, work oriented or comical, this Dogs Collection offers pieces which evoke the spirit for which canines are so adored.

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